Saturday, March 5, 2022


      Usually there are three or four topics rolling around in my head for blog posts. They gradually hatch and become a blog post.

     Recently I've been in a dry spell.

     The crazy old Ukrainian war has kept my attention. I'm angry with what is going on in the Ukraine. I see all kinds of news about the war. We can't rely on what we see. I have limited information on the war so I'd best not post on it. I have seen some great blog posts about the war and I appreciate them . 

       In Canada we've just had a truck convoy occupy Ottawa. The protesters were extremely ignorant and ill behaved. They had no idea what they wanted . They had no idea how the system works and that the system does work. They confused the Canadian system with the American system which are both good systems of government. These two systems function well if left to do so. 

     Covid has distressed me for more than two years. I have not had covid and have had my three shots. The virus itself is frustrating as it keeps being able to change it's form and hit us again. It's not been fun staying away from people. It's not been fun seeing people misbehave in a very selfish way about vaccinations or covid rules. 

    These three issues have kept my mind whirling around. There's no easy fix. there's great risk from all three issues. 

   So maybe if I write about these three issues, I will be able to think of something else.