Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hiawatha House Cold and Snowy

      You better believe Hiawatha House is cold and snowy! Early Friday morning gusty northwest winds hit and shortly after that snow began to fall. By noon Friday we were walking through 5 cm of snow. This weather stayed with us all Friday and really got going Friday night with lots more snow. The snow drifted which it rarely does here.

     Saturday morning  my papers must be delivered by 9:00 AM. It's still very dark here at 8:00AM. With the limited light it was difficult to see were the snow was shallow or deep. At many residences there was a 1 m drift blocking their front entrance or across the drive way. At some residences I just picked a route through the yard where the snow was shallower.

      I shovelled my driveway and sidewalks twice on Friday. Saturday there were drifts which were packed. Trails through the yard had to be opened so that I could reach various areas of the yard. So you see I have had lots of exercise in the fresh air.

     For followers of Hiawatha House who live in England , Asia or the southern United States this weather is hard to imagine. I get used to it and enjoy being out and active. With all the new snow we will be able to groom cross country ski trails and have some excellent sking.

     My snow bird friends delight in telling me how nice the weather is in the sunny south. That's okay!  Enjoy your balmy weather. When spring arrives hear, I will appreciate it much more.