Monday, March 15, 2021


       So daylight savings time is visiting us again. I haven't seen very many bloggers complaining about the time change this year so I will snivel about the change. 

       I've gone through close to eighty changes to daylight savings time. For most of that time the change has not bothered me. I have never had a difficulty with the change. The next day I would be completely adjusted and would not even recognize that a change had taken place. 

      I lived in the Arctic for five years and loved the 24 hour daylight. The parties were longer and sometimes I had to stop and get some serious sleep.

     Recently , though,  I have found the time change more of a challenge to adapt to. It's harder to get up at the right time. Meal times seem noticeably off.  

     Then I thought about why do we even have day light saving time?  Yes, I know , we're supposed to get more daylight! What a laugh! The day light doesn't increase. Yes, I know it's supposed to  give us a longer evening so that we can have more evening outdoor time. 

    More and more people have been complaining about day light savings time recently. I'm sure that many areas would have changed from daylight savings time except that it's not that simple. If there is a change it would be much better if everyone changed. That's the challenge. How will we get everybody to change at the same time. After that we say do we stay on standard time all year or daylight savings time all year?

     I think we'll probably keep on with the time changes for a while until we get all of our ducks in a row to make a change happen. 

    What would you like to see happen to our time changes?