Sunday, November 18, 2012

Better Communication Needed

      Now I ranted on my last post. This is going to be one of those little picky annoyances.

      We have blue box service which picks up material which can be recycled...tin cans, paper and some plastics. I am fully supportive of recycling. I think there should be more recycling as more things could be and should be recycled and reused. I applaud our city and all other cities that have set up a blue box service.

      We are requested to take off all labels. Most labels come of very easily. However about 10% of the labels are extremely difficult to remove. Soak them! Scrape them! Try as you like , the label comes off in tiny little pieces.

      So here's my pitch. Why can't the people at the beginning of the process communicate with the people at the end of the process and have glue on the labels that  makes it easy   to take off the label? 

      Has anybody else had this problem or am I just a whiner?