Tuesday, July 18, 2017


         An English Girl Rambles has just done a tour of Washington DC. She reminded me of my tour of Washington in 1992.

         I had gone to a conference in Washington and my wife came along to do the sightseeing.  The first morning she was ready to go. It was an easy walk from our hotel to the mall. In those days the micro manager was adventurous and somewhat naive. I met her for dinner and she was over the moon. She had seen things that wowed her and wanted to take me back after dinner to see some things. She thought things stayed open until 8 or 9 o'clock.

        My wife was absolutely blown away be the Washington Monument. She was there early and did not have to line up. She insisted that she had to take me to the Washington Monument.

        Off we go after dinner. The homeless guys were starting to gather in the 5 square things. I noticed that we got some strange looks. Three blocks before the White House there was no one on the street. We went on past the White house. Now there was not one person in sight and it was very poorly lighted. All of a sudden I said , "We should not be here. "No no , " she says , "we're almost there."

       I won the argument and we started back. Returning was eerier as we realized what we had done. By the time we got back to the hotel we were both very relieved.

     Well, the micro manager said, " We can make time and go on the last day.

    During the week my wife noticed that there were always huge line ups. We decided that we had to skip the Washington Monument and see as many other things as possible.

    I had a free afternoon on the last day so rush, rush, rush. I did see many things in the little time I had.

    My little tourist side kick saw most of the tourist things and it's a trip she always remembers.

    So what I didn't see was one of the main attractions.