Thursday, September 24, 2015

Blogger Mumblings

     This last week I've heard a couple of bloggers mumbling about making changes to their blogs for the sake of improvement. 

    It's always good to hear a blogger talking out loud about making changes. You can read into that making improvements. Sometimes a change in direction is what is pondered. Do they want to change the emphasis from self to others? Do they want to change the topic a bit? Is there a set pattern that they would change?

    One of the bloggers meets up with other bloggers once a year. This year they are going to make it into a writing workshop. What a super idea. Most of us are writing by ourselves. We don't discuss things with others. I hope these bloggers have a productive weekend. When I tell others that I write a blog they put a pleasant smile on their face and that's about it. They don't really know what a blog is. So I don't get to discuss my writing. 

    Another blogger has a fairly narrow subject matter but it is extremely well written. I hope she finds the new direction so that she keeps being enthusiastic about blogging.

   I have a little note on my desk to remind me of the objectives I laid down when I started blogging. I cover these goals but have wondered widely to other areas. So the list I started with was incomplete.

   It's fun to go back once in awhile and look at the things I wrote. The writing has changed. I guess along the way I've maybe learned some things. Reading other blogs certainly helps. Other blogs give ideas for topics. I never want to get in a rut and write on the same topic.

    There are some things I would like to change. I'd like to change my header. I'm sure the regulars would like to open this blog up and see something different. I would also like to change the format. I've monkeyed around with the format but can't make anything that is much different. 

    So do you ask yourself questions about your blog? Are there things you would like to change? What things have you changed that you really like and feel that were successful?

    What things would you like to see change on my blog? What topics would you like to see on my blog?  Now that I've given you a chance to make comments, I'll have to make some response.