Friday, May 4, 2012

Ice Skating Finished for the Season.

       Last Tuesday was our last skate of the season. We started skating on the first Tuesday of September and finished on the first Tuesday in May. It was a most enjoyable season.

Ready to go.
      In our city we have senior skating twice a week at one of the local arenas. Seniors are anybody 50 plus. We skate for an hour and then it's time for coffee and a good visit. The skating groups are very supportive of one another. We have a picnic in June  which gets the group together once in the summer.  

     We have from 10 - 20 skaters of various ages and abilities. Our oldest skater is 89. 
Still a strong sporty skater at 89.

      So I will get busy with looking after my yard and garden to keep me fit and out of mischief.