Wednesday, June 24, 2020


      Mr Pudding, from Yorkshire Pudding, makes some interesting comments. He can be humorous, witty, serious , and very much on topic. Sometimes he will pick up on one small detail and make his comment on a small part of your post. He doesn't care if he uses some imagination. If there's something he doesn't know or care about, he doesn't make a comment for the sake of making a comment.

     Mr Pudding made a comment on my last post that made me think of many more things about my post on my Dad.

     On the post I was trying to show my Dad and myself in two different phases of our lives.

   On the second photo Mr Pudding facetiously suggested that I had a fist behind my Dad and that I wanted money.

    My Dad was not a wealthy man. He donated much to Christian causes that he supported. He really didn't care if he had the money or not, he would make a donation. He was confident that he would be looked after.

    Dad was also generous in other ways. Dad had the idea that his farm would be somehow taxed if it was left in his estate. What did he do? He distributed his land equally to his sons before he turned 65. I said, "Dad , you will need income from the farm to survive. " He wouldn't listen. He had CPP (Canada pension plan) and Oas (old age security) and he would survive . He bought some property and was lucky that the time he had the property as it increased in value. He spent 15 winters in Phoenix. He rented the same old house for 15 years.

   Now he only had one financial goal. He wanted enough money to pay for his funeral. And he did have enough for a funeral and $1600.00 left over.

   Now for the fist behind my Dad? I think I had my thumb sticking in my pocket and Graham from Eagleton Notes agrees with me. Take a look at my photo in my post Father's Day

   So the comment from Mr Pudding made me think of much more on my Dad.