Friday, June 12, 2020


     Well I'm not one to rain on anybody's party. I like parties and celebrations . I like to see success rewarded.

     I'm the eternal optimist. The Micro Manager says that I would call an empty glass full.

    So it's with a rather heavy heart that I conclude very little will happen to bring about changes in racism. I know that people are very hopeful that something will. happen.

    I think very little will happen. Once all the demonstrations are history, the world will quietly slip back into racism as usual.

    Yes, there will be some improvement but not much.  Some people will become more aware of what racism is. Some people will work for changes , but little will happen.

     The politicians will go back to the same old game. Forget about racism and get some votes so that we can stay inpower. Systemic racism is safe. None of the system is going to change.

    Do you think the jokes will change?

    I think very few people are willing to give up power.

    Living in segregated areas will stay as people like it.

    The everyday slurs will continue. Worse physical abuse will continue. Things are commonly thrown at people every day.

    So you see I'm not at all hopeful things will change. I know a large part of the population is hoping for a change. I hate to rain on your party.

    I'm a Canadian. Racism is alive and well here. We are smug about it and it's quiet. The system is set up for one group and other groups get the pleasure of suffering. Racism is so common in society that it's not noticed. Ask most Canadians and they think racism is not a problem and they are quick to say, "I'm not a racist. "

    I would like to be wrong on this one. If I'm wrong I will gladly apologize.