Friday, February 9, 2018


     Everyone knows I am the bumbling handyman. I do, electricity, carpentry, mechanics and now a few computer do it your self projects.

    You know that I recently got a new computer and set it up by myself instead of paying Staples $99.00. I only had one snafu and that was easily solved. I got all the stuff off the old computer. I found all my pictures.

    Now my printer was just too old to use with windows 10. I finally bought a printer last week. I asked how difficult it would be to set up compared to the computer . They thought about the same difficulty. Okay . I'll go for it.

   Well the second thing you do is put the cartridge in. So look at the picture and  try to find a door to open. I found one thing that looked like a door. It wouldn't open very far and there was no way a cartridge would go in. I phoned the store...three times . Not much help. Pictures didn't help as they used different printer photos than mine. I tried everything. Finally, I thought about what one of the kids said that he thought the door was on the front. I ran into some tape. In stripping the tape off something moved and ah ha there was the door. So in the printer cartridge went. 

    Next hook my printer to wi fi. Well there was a handy dandy disk. The disk didn't take me very far and all it would say is that it couldn't find my machine.

   Okay phone Shaw, the Internet provider. They sent me to a Brother's support site with live chat. 

    Alright. The first guy I spend an hour with. Things went  round and round but my printer didn't get hooked to wi fi. I try another Brother's chat person. same frustrating run around and they give up on me. Third Brother's person. Round and round but it didn't end up in the place they said I should get to. So they said we'll arrange a call back.

    I got thinking that I should try the printer. I did and great balls of fire it printed. I tried my ipad and it printed from my ipad.

   Now this is when the smoke came out of my ears. I spent so much frustrating time and all the time it was done. Was I some upset. Words flew.  Not very nice ones.

   Why can't directions be made in a simple logical pattern. 

   So this project was just a little more than I bargained for. But I have a good printer!

    I'm still comin' down.