Monday, October 7, 2019


      I walk about 2.5 km most evenings. Most evenings I never meet anybody but that's another post.

     On a fairly regular basis I see deer and jack rabbits.  It's close to rutting season for the mule deer. Through most of September I would see four bucks. They vary from a very senior buck to a young buck with spikes. I watch for them but sometimes I hear them before I see them. They are having little tussles and you hear the click of the antlers before you see the animals in the dark.

     I caught this doe in mid November not far from my house.

    At times I see jack rabbits every walk. What I've seen the last week has me asking many questions. I found three little bunnies that are 1/4 to 1/3 of the adult size. Miserable weather can kick in in October and we sometimes have winter weather by the beginning of November. Tonight a cold front has moved in. Our high tomorrow will be minus 2. Will these little guys reach maturity before winter sets in?

A two day old jack rabbit

An adult jack rabbit in my yard. They can weigh up to 10 lb.

Up close

    Now the first night I saw these three little guys in the road gutter beside the sidewalk. I told them that was a silly place to sit but they didn't listen. The doe was about 50 m away. One crossed the road. The next night I saw only two little guys. This time they ran into a housing development which is quite safe compared to a road. The next night they were in a dark and fairly large yard. They were chasing each other! I couldn't believe that they were playing just like puppies or kittens.

    Each night they seem to be more active and venturesome.

    I certainly hope they make it to the winter. Statistics aren't on their side. Only 30% make it to one year of age.