Wednesday, September 6, 2023


      On Aug . 28 I wrote about the evacuation of Yellowknife because of wildfires. 

     Today I can tell you that the evacuation order has been lifted and people are able to return to their homes. 

    A combination of things happened to make the area safe. They had some heavy rainfall. The winds blew in the right direction and the firefighters did and amazing job                                                                                  People have been in Yellowknife for the last few days getting things organized. They have to make sure that water and sewage are working. Some of the hospital is ready for patients. Electricity is running properly. Businesses like grocery stores have to have stock  so that people can buy groceries when they get back. 

    The road back will be less chaotic. To go out they were  mostly going at once. Now some people say they will wait a few days so that traffic isn't as heavy. Maybe things will be better organized if they wait. 

    All people can breath a sigh of relief that there wasn't any damage.