Wednesday, May 1, 2013 Three

     There's a saying about bad things come in threes or some variation if this. Now I'm not at all superstitious but this was my Monday.

     My week has had a set of three challenges. On Monday I went to a memorial for a man I had never met. His mother is a friend of mine so I went to support Jan. Cam, her son, died at age 52. Cam became a paraplegic at age 20 as the result of a motor cycle accident. Cam was a moto cross racer fanatic. The remainder of his life is a tremendous example of courage and cheerfulness under a huge burden. Cam was full of life and very energetic. He was able to be independent for a few years. He finished and English degree and traveled widely. He had great friends who stuck by him. One adventure was his visit to his favorite race track in Las Vegas. He and a friend went up to the gate and people waved at them so they proceeded. They went by the ambulance and the EMTs waved so they kept on going.. They went further and passed the mechanics and they waved so Cam and his friend went further. Then they  found themselves at a gate...the starting gate. They looked around and nobody was there so Cam said let's hit er. So there was Cam in his hand equipped van tearing around a famous race track until the ambulance ended their fun. He lived a good life even if it was short. He influenced family and friends greatly and he will be truly missed.

    While I was at Cam's memorial, my neighbor who works at the funeral home, came and told me that Teresa had died this morning. Teresa had been my neighbor for 30 years. She had many health problems over the years and again faced all of it with strength.

    In the evening my friend Mitch phoned to tell me that he had been diagnosed with colon cancer.

    So that was my Monday. Mitch will survive as his cancer is operable. For the other two , I can only work at supporting them through a rough time.