Sunday, December 18, 2022


       Today we had another typical winter day. The high was minus 22 C. When I woke up this morning it was minus 24. There was a light wind but when it's minus 22 it will feel cold. There was a few centimeters of snow so guess what. I had to shovel.

      So in the morning I did my driveway and front side walk as well as my neighbors sidewalk. After lunch I did my west side walk. 

      So now  at 8:05 PM it's snowing again. I'll be ready again to shovel.

      Today I did get some photos through the window. It shows how dull it is at this time of year as the sun is low down in the sky. 

                               Before shoveling

                                 After shoveling    

       This shows a snow cornice off the roof of my house. The wind blows and the snow drifts over the edge and gradually the snow sticks out over the edge of the roof. You are looking up in this photo.