Tuesday, March 30, 2021


      When I got a new computer a few years ago I soon found out that I had problems hooking up my old  printer. I liked my old printer because all it did was print and did a good job of it. With the new computer there was no way to make a connection. The wires from the old printer just would not connect to the new computer. I tried looking for adapters and then I found out that the old printer  was not on the new computer's mind.

     So I bought a nice printer. No color though. Stay with black. However, there were still about 50 different directions on the thing. Not very many of them made sense to me. There were no instructions with the printer and to set it up I had to spend a few hours with Mr Brother. I did get it connected . At first they tried giving me oral directions but I found them difficult to follow. They emailed the steps and I could follow them

    The printer also had a scanner. Since I've had the printer I've only used the scanner a few times. Again there were no directions. So I just tried the buttons until it scanned. The next time I came to scan I went through the same experimental procedure.

    Yesterday I needed the scanner and had to send the scan by email. 

    This time I decided to write instructions. It was a challenge. It took me an hour to write the instructions. Then to test things I had the Micro Manger go through the instructions so there was some editing. 

    So now I'm a whiz at scanning. Maybe some day I will learn to print both sides?