Wednesday, August 2, 2023


      I have been having problems with speed on my computer for some time. Sometimes it would say that I'm off the internet for about 5 secs. or so.  It was slow opening things up as in my google chrome.

      So finally I got my act together and phoned my provider. I've phoned many times to technical support and always got through and was given assistance. 

      The other night I ran into all the bimbos they had. They were asking security questions which has never happened before. I had no idea of any of the answers to the security questions. This was  set up year's ago and I'd mislaid the information. I talked to four bimbos before I was told to go to the local provider store and exchange the modem and change my security.

      Today I went to the provider store with my old modem and was given a new modem. They didn't even ask my name let alone any security questions! Since I'm challenged with computer stuff I aske for instructions on what to do and I was given good information. When I opened the box there was a booklet giving instructions on how to set up the new modem.

     Things went quickly. I was being told that I was connected before I new it. 

     Now the only problem left is to set the iPad to the wi fi. I tried a couple of times and it's not cooperating but not to worry , I'll get there. 

      So that was my day on Aug 2 , 2023!

      Well, sort of my day. I worked on painting my back fence this morning.

      The micro Manager wanted to go to the Casino for lunch where it was 2 for 1 for seniors. Then tonight she wanted to go back to the casino for the other senior special. I hate them all.