Sunday, December 4, 2016


    The Micromanager needed some more underwear so went shopping at her favorite place. She found what she wanted and guess what. They were on sale! Bonus!

    But she had to buy and extra large to fit her! Now the Micromanager at her tallest would be 5' 1 1/2". All of her adult life she  weighed  constant 105 pounds. Now she's a hefty 115. Extra large underwear? Most of her clothes are in petite sizes. Well if the shoe (underwear) fits wear it.

    Now she came home with her new purchase and when she opened the packages one pair was 2" longer than the other pair. That would never do. On closer inspection one pair was made in China and the other pair made in Haiti. They were exactly the same brand with same numbers and in the same packages. 

    The next thing inspection revealed is that both pair were falling apart. The elastic was leaving the fabric. 

    Now this is a situation that really gets the Micro manager in motion. She took them back to her favorite store. They looked at all the packages on the shelf. She saw to it that the buyers knew of the problems with the underwear and that they should check the quality of things before they buy them.

    She took about half a day on this project.

    Now after all that, I don't know if she got any new underwear or not. 
    It's really hard to buy good underwear these days.