Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Little Weather Excitement

       We had a major blizzard this past Saturday, Sunday and Monday. We had 25 cm ( 10 in ) of snow and lots of wind. The temperature gradually dropped to minus 20 C (plus 3 F). 

       Needless to say I had lots of snow to shovel. I good neighbor came with his snow blower and really helped me. It was drifted in the next morning so I shoveled. Cars were getting stuck on my street. Monday afternoon the storm was about done.

      We have had 65 cm of snow this winter so far. Most winters we don't get even close to this amount of snow.

     Because there was wind we had snowdrifts. We rarely get snow drifts. So the wind made some great carvings for us.

The little old wishing well has a full load

There's a canoe under that snow bank. 

It's a good thing I put a roof on the bird feeder

A nice snow carving on a roof edge

A full load of snow on another garage