Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Mule Deer Snubbed Me

     Yesterday was the day to go out to the lake and do the last yard work of the season. It was a cool morning as there had been a good frost the night before...minus 6 C. By the time I got to the lake about 11:30 there was still frost on the grass and it was cool. I  put my cranky old lawn mower in the sun to warm it up a bit so that it would start. I had some leaf raking to do so that helped to warm me up. I had some things to find in the trailer that had to be taken home. After this the lawn mower still wouldn't start so that was excuse enough to stop for lunch.

     Even on a cool day lunch out in the sun and fresh air is pleasant. I had three bites from my peanut butter sandwich when I thought I saw somebody on the road or walking trail. They sort of disappeared and I became more curious and watched very carefully. I kept absolutely still and did not munch on my sandwich. Finally I could make out the silhouette of a deer so I really held my position. A mule deer doe came through the trees into my yard. She go to about 12 or 15 meters from me before she stopped and took a careful check. She knew that there was something there that usually wasn't there. She sniffed and listened and then retreated 10 meters or so. Then two fawns appeared and I could see an outline of another deer where these three had entered. After some more checking they finally crossed on their well beaten trail to my neighbor's place where they knew lunch was waiting.

     They had a quick lunch and then retraced their steps through my yard .They took their time and then leisurely left my yard.

     Now I could finally move and continue with my lunch. By this time my coffee was cold! However, I had the thrill of watching four mule deer walk right by me and decide that I wasn't a threat. In other words they snubbed me.

     Oh yeah. I had thought of taking my camera with me! I probably wouldn't have had it on a chair beside me while I was eating lunch. And oh yeah if I'd picked the camera up my picture would have instantly disappeared. My picture taking has got to improve. The first thing would be a little patience.

     It was a fun day. Much the the same thing happened to me last year.