Thursday, January 7, 2016

Ukrainian Christmas

       I always leave my outdoor Christmas decorations up until Ukrainian Christmas which is Jan.8. Why January 8, you say? The Orthodox church uses the Gregorian calendar so Christ's birth is celebrated Jan. 8.

       I'm not Ukrainian, but this area has a high population of Ukrainians. You can't help but have Ukrainian friends here. Today the celebration of Ukrainian Christmas is abbreviated as traditions are not held as strongly as the first emigrants.
 The celebration is full of symbolism and goes on for seven days.

      Now my knowledge of the celebration is limited but I hear about the well loved traditions. One meal consists of 12 courses.. one for each of the disciples.

      So to all Ukrainians who celebrate Christmas today, Merry Christmas. I wish I could write it in Ukrainian as I've heard it so  many times.

      So tomorrow my outdoor lights will go dark.