Sunday, December 12, 2021


        Your comments are what really makes blogging for me. On Wacky Idea the opinions expressed were very thought provoking. So thought provoking that I want to say more. You were very frank about what you think of time change. 

        It's not surprising that people don't like time change. People aren't sure if they want to stay on standard time or daylight savings time.

       I used to think that I would like to stay on standard time. Your comments have made me take another look at the issue. 

       The following photos were taken just before 10:00 PM on June 21. I was out riding my bike. Many people were riding and walking. The second photo shows the sun about to set a few minutes before 10:00 PM. The third photo shows my back yard when I got home from my bike ride. You could still sit outside when it was light. 


     So when I think about this , do I want to lose the long summer evening? I also know that at this time sunrise would be about 5 :00 AM.

    Now if we were on standard time it would be getting dark and we would not have such a long evening. The sun would rise at 4:00 AM. Much daylight would be wasted because I would still be in bed.

    So you made me have another look at the situation. 

    And no one made fun of my wacky idea and some very respectfully thought about it.