Wednesday, September 25, 2019


    Sometimes a post just keeps carrying on. One thing leads to another. Your comments certainly bring up more info. How could I ever forget folk music. Folk music is worth a post or two.

     What was rolling around in my head when I did the Perry Como post were two other popular singers at the same time. I thought of one of them but cannot think of the third singer.

    So how could you forget Johnny Ray? Johnny Ray was a popular singer but a little over the top. It was in the days before rock and roll when singers were more like Perry Como or Frank Sinatra. Ray has been given some credit for influencing the origin of rock and roll. Ray was very popular through part of the fifties and then his career fell apart. Who can forget Cry or A Little White Cloud That Cried. Have a listen to them. Ray was a very heavy drinker and died from liver failure.

    There was a Swift's breakfast show from Chicago that Ray used to sing on. The third guy I'm thinking of also sang on the Swift's Breakfast club show. It seems to me that they alternated days when they performed. Of course , this was back in the days of live performance.

    Now some day I'm going tho think of the third singer who was popular about the time of Como and Ray.