Tuesday, August 23, 2022


      From my last post I found out that the lost comments was fairly common. 

      So if you put information out there , you can always hope that someone will help you. Steve from Shadows  and Light   Gave a clear and concise direction. Thanks Steve.

If you're checking your spam comments using the method below, I'm not sure what else to suggest. Sometimes my comment on anothers' blog will just vanish and I can tell it didn't get submitted. If I wait and try again in 20 minutes or so it often works. I have no idea why.

Here's how to find comments in spam. (You probably already know how to do this, Red, but I'll put these directions here in case anyone else needs them.)

Go to your Blogger dashboard and click "comments" on the left side. You'll get a list of comments, and you can filter this list with the drop-down menu at the top by choosing "ALL" or "SPAM" or "AWAITING MODERATION" or "PUBLISHED." (At least, those are the options on my account.) If you click SPAM it will show you all comments that are classified as spam and not published. You can mouse over each comment and you'll see a check mark appear on the far right -- click that check mark to approve and publish the comment.

Hope this helps!

      As a blogger, I don't know my way around the system. You always learn something new.