Thursday, October 10, 2019


      I did not intend to write a post on Canadian Thanksgiving. However, John from John's Island emailed me and asked if the Canadian Thanksgiving was similar to the American Thanksgiving. I accidentally deleted John's email so that's why I'm posting on Canadian Thanksgiving.

      There, I got that off my chest!

       Our thanksgiving is quite similar to an American Thanksgiving. We have the traditional turkey dinner and all the trimmings. Potato, sweet potato, gravy, veggies, stuffing, aspic , a couple of salads, cranberries. So see the meal is similar.

    We have a few traditional football match ups to watch.

    Now traditions are changing and changing fast. In my case my kids are away. We've given up the whole turkey business because there's just the two of us but we still have the other part of the meal. So many people are separated and many people don't have the traditional meal. Some people don't cook that much and would never attempt the major feast.

    When I was still on the farm we had a huge meal but it had to fit in with the harvest. If we were still harvesting well no big meal. It was out on the combine. Then when harvesting was done we would have our big meal.

    The most important thing is to think about things and what we should be thankful for. We live in a very special country that tries to follow social justice for all.