Monday, November 7, 2016


     Sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you get extremely lucky. I got extremely lucky a week ago Sunday but didn't realize it until Saturday. No I didn't win the lottery.

     I had gone out to a viewing deck looking out over a small shallow oxbow lake. It was late afternoon. I was facing south and the bright sun was causing a big problem with trying to see things. Mainly the problem was to focus my camera. I couldn't see much on my camera. I accidentally clicked the shutter as I was trying to see what was in the viewfinder. I deleted the shot. I fussed around some more. About 300 meters out I saw white birds and was sure they were gulls. I tried to get a good look at them with the zoom but gave up.

    So Saturday I had more pictures and downloaded them. What's this? A picture of the lake? How did that happen? So I guess I accidentally hit the shutter again. This time I got a good shot of the lake ...or at least I think it's a good shot. I didn't see this in my camera and didn't see it as I was looking for some birds on the lake.

    I was on the second floor of the viewing deck. It makes me feel as if I'm coming in for a landing on a float plane. I have very calm water for a landing.