Sunday, May 8, 2016

A Special Day

     Sometimes I go looking for a special day for a post topic. Today that day is ready made and I don't have to do any looking.

    So Mother's of the more meaningful of the special days.

     So Happy Mother's Day to the special bloggers I follow who are Moms. I was once asked why so many of the blogs I follow are written by women. Well, today gives one of the reasons. Most of the women bloggers I follow are Moms.

     I can also take time to remember my Mom. My Mom had super challenges in her life. She was a young person in the 1930's and was married in 1938.  Now the really hard part happens. She had four children in five years. She had to live in a very small house with absolutely no conveniences...electricity, running water ...nothing. I can't imagine doing washing for a family without a power washer. To sum it up Mom put up with very challenging times.

    Later on Mom lost her only daughter.

    Mom left us all too early at age 59. It was awful to watch cancer take her.

    Next week Mom would be 102!

    So Happy Mother's Day to all my followers who are Moms. You're the greatest.
Mom about 1920

Family photo 1966

1969 with my son