Saturday, January 29, 2011

Old Guys Who Cross country Ski Shouldn't Fall

       Now I have posted about the great things about cross country skiing and have made my self out to be some sort of expert. But I have my limitations and I'll admit it. Yes, the old guy I fell today!

     Now for being 71 I consider myself to be in somewhat reasonable condition. I admit that when I get up off the floor it takes some effort. It's not like when I was ten and would bounce up off the floor without thinking.

     So you're saying , "What happened? Get on with your story." We have gobs of snow this year so it's excellent for cross country skiing. I've made a trail behind my house so that I can go out any time I have time. The trail is completely flat. But yesterday I suddenly went down. Now comes the fun part. How do I get up?

 The trail is hard packed. I went sideways. When I put my hands down to get up they just went down in the snow and I had no solid surface to push up from. My head was actually lower than my skis because I went down in the soft unpacked snow.. My skis were crossed. So after plunging around I said to myself wait a minute. Think! Oh ya! Get both poles on one side. Get your skis uncrossed. then pull yourself up by the poles. Up I got, full of snow.

      So a little excuse making. Usually I ski on groomed trails. These trails are even and hard. The trail I've made is uneven and the poles go down deep into the snow sometimes and then It throws me off balance. So sooner or later I was apt to fall. I know a lame excuse.

     So other than my dignity I was fine. I hope nobody was looking out their window to see me wallowing around.