Monday, March 15, 2010

Canada Geese:Joys of Spring

       For the last two days flocks of Canada geese have been flying over on the way north. After a long winter it is quite shocking to be out and suddenly hear a strange sound...Canada geese honking. It's quite surprising to hear the honking and then watch as a number of geese fly over. There will sometimes be a flock or two every hour and it tapers off by noon.
      The geese flying in at this time probably do not stay here. They may take a short rest for a day or two and feed , but they will 

photo Bill Heinsen

usually continue north. They will land on ice covered lakes and wait for the ice to thaw and then set up nests. When I lived in Inuvik the aboriginal people would goose hunt in the spring. Husky lakes were a well known hunting area. The geese responded to decoys and the hunters would camoflage themselves in white. This hunt was always quite successful.
      So with the coming of geese other species should not be far behind. Today I heard a crow so tomorrow we will probably have many crows.