Sunday, March 15, 2020


    I'm tired of winter. I'm really tired of winter

    I'll tell you why.

    Yesterday we had a HIGH of minus 18 C (minus 12 F) There was snow. drifting snow and a high wind. Now this didn't set any records but it was very unpleasant. Today I woke up to minus 30 C (minus 22 F)   still not a record low. 

    Now we haven't had a harsh winter. We had 10 very cold days in January. For the most part daily highs were around ) C (32 F). All of Feb was pleasant. Now for some unknown reason the weather is very nasty.

     Now to add to my whining, some of the bloggers I follow are showing some great spring weather. They are showing all kinds of flowers blooming. These people really know how to rub it in so I will tell you who they are.

      Henny Penny at Henny Penny Lane

     Linda at   Linda's Letters

     The Weaver at the Weaver of Grass

     English girl at an English Girl Rambles.

     Now there are others who show green grass and blooms. These four  culprits are the worst.

     I will have to admit that the spring blooms are nice and that there is great photography. The Weaver doesn't show photos but her writing is very descriptive so that you can easily imagine what it looks like.

     Okay, I've done my whining. I feel better and I know that spring for me can't be that far way.