Monday, March 10, 2014

And It Went Viral...

    We quite often hear the term "it went viral." I don't watch TV and I don't watch videos so I miss most of the stuff that goes viral. 

   So here's the back ground to my story. Western Canada had a bumper crop in 2013. In fact, it was a record crop. Farmers thought they were off to the races. What happened next is unbelievable. Railroads hauled very little western grain to ports. There were complaints . As time went on complaints grew louder. Finally the Steven Harper government became aware of the problem and made a meaningless pompous statement.

    I was listening to an interview of a farmer. He explained how he had not sold any grain and he knew why. The railways were hauling oil instead of grain. This farmer was 76 years old and had been through tough times but never anything like this. At the end of the interview he was asked what he thought should happen. his reply was, "Harper (prime minister) should get off his ass and put his big boy pants on and make the railways haul grain."  Today I heard that the comment went viral!

   So there it was. A hardworking old farmer had something to say that went viral.

    So that's about  as close to anything going viral as I'll ever get.

    It makes one wonder what it takes to have something go viral.