Wednesday, August 31, 2016

I Got One!

      I like blogs with good photography. I particularly like photos of birds, animals, plants, insects ,scenery and lots more.

     Now I try to take pictures of  things from the list above. Well , I've not been very successful. I'm too impatient. I don't want to sit quietly and wait for the subject to pose for me.

    Now the other day a golden opportunity came my way. It was a cool day and I found a dragonfly on my shed door. I raced in for my camera. Yep, he was still there when I got back. I took some quick photos and took my camera back in the house. When I came back out the dragonfly was gone, so I took a photo of a living dragonfly.

    Now here's where I really suck. I'm not able to identify and dragonflies. I'm looking for people who will identify my dragonfly.