Monday, September 15, 2014

A Day at Spruce Meadows.

    Spruce Meadows is a well known horse show jumping facility at Calgary Alberta. It's a world class facility and some would argue the world's best facility. It sprawls over 480 acres.

Riders walking through the jumps

    Many international competitions are held each year. 

   Yesterday I spent the day at Spruce Meadows for the Master's Competition. 47 great riders and horses competed. The top 12 riders then competed in a jump off. This resulted in tie between Ian Millar of Canada and Reed Kessler of the U.S.  Millar won the tie breaker.

Ian Millar takes a jump

    Now I did get excited when Ian Millar won. He's been competing for many years and has been a winner many times.

Ian Millar the winner. Read Kessler just behind Ian

   At 67 Ian Millar is an amazing rider. He's been in  ten Olympics. Reed  Kessler is an amazing 20 year old and we will hear much more about her.

   Now I'm not a fan of show jumping. My wife is a fanatic about show jumping so being a thoughtful husband , I took her to the masters at Spruce Meadows. For her that is a great day.

A few heads and the RCMP
     Oh yes , the RCMP musical ride performed too. 

   Now there were riders from 15 different countries. The event was televised to many countries around the world. Thousands of people attended.

   Now if you watch TV , the only sour puss in the stands was Me!