Tuesday, March 31, 2015

You Know You're Getting Old When...

      You know you're getting old when both your kids are wearing bifocals! Yes, this happened recently when my daughter got bifocals and like most people who get bifocals found that they were a great help. My son got bifocals a couple of years ago and makes good use of them. 

     Now my daughter has great taste when it comes to colors so her new glasses have colors that go along with skin tones and all the clothing she wears. My son just bought a very fine pair of glasses that that give him a look of distinction. Yes, I know I'm bragging about my kids.

    Now I wish I had my first pair of glasses to show you how cool they were! I had the pair with the huge lens until a few months ago when I got new glasses.

    The kids bifocals got me thinking about the time I started wearing bifocals. I remember the awkwardness of not being able to see your feet when I first put on the bifocals. Since I was a teacher I looked over student work at their desks from a distance. I didn't really miss the close vision. But sooner or later it had to happen and I got bifocals which were usually kept in my pocket until I needed them. This meant a lot of taking off and putting on of glasses. It was a nuisance. Finally, I needed a prescription for distance and I began wearing glasses all the time. 

    So I have a vivid idea of what the kids have just gone through. It's one of the first steps to aging. I first saw my son with glasses when we were on skype. I asked why he needed glasses and he replied. "Because  I'm an old fart like you!"

     So for most of us sooner or later we require the aid of bifocals and of course the condition progresses. 

     How're you doing with your bifocals?