Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Has Been a Drag

    I don't know about you but this summer is starting to seem like it's been terribly long. Why? They haven't changed the number of days. So I started to look for some reasons  why the summer seems so long. Usually summers are too short.

   We've had some odd weather here. We had a cold spring with lots of cloud and wind. Our summer has been a mixture of hot and really hot. Along with the heat we've had rain and thunder showers. 

   Now I like a good old 20 C (70 F) summer...something that is reliable. None of all this variety. With a good steady temperature you can get into the flow of things with work and play.

    But what I really think has made this summer seem long is some out of the ordinary weather in late winter early spring. Some of the blogs I follow were reporting temperatures which were far from the ordinary. The hot spell people had was very early in spring.   People were not only showing plants growing but blooming. People were remarking about the unusual weather. Now there was a cool spell after this early warm weather but it didn't slow things down.. 

    I think the early warm weather that other bloggers reported in the east got me thinking about summer much before summer arrived here. I had it in my head that summer was here but it was not. 

   So sorry folks, I'm blaming you for me thinking that summer is really dragging by. 

   I know how I'll get even. I'll start talking about winter. I hope it comes early so that I can really have some effect. 

   But first , let's all enjoy what's left of summer.