Saturday, August 14, 2021


      We have been hearing about climate change for a very long time. Measurements have been taken and accurate predictions made . Industry, governments and citizens either totally ignore this information or make promises and do nothing to reach the goals. 

    Recently a report was issued by 100 scientists ahead of the Climate Change conference. 

     In 2021 enough years have gone by where climate predictions have been made that we can measure the damage and provide evidence that a change is occurring.

    This year we have had many examples of weird and wacky weather that is evidence of climate change. We have been abnormally hot and dry. Other areas have had major flooding. I will not be surprised if we have flooding some day. 

    I'm sure that people who spend much of their time outdoors can see evidence of climate change.

    There are some very frightening predictions. I live in Alberta, Canada east of the Rocky Mountains. Our water supply depends on the melting of the glaciers. Predictions are being made as to when these glaciers will have melted. What do we do with out water. We have many acres irrigated to produce more food. 

     Since I live close to the Rockies I have spent much time hiking in the mountains. In the 1930's a rough road was pushed through from Jasper to Banff. Up until that time the pass the road goes through had been covered by a glacier. Today there is very little left of that glacier. Travel between Banff and Jasper had been by horse and the used Jonas Pass,  the next pass to the east to make the trip.

        Looking down on some of the front ranges that don't have glaciers.

    Jonas Pass July 7 1989. It's too bad this is so dull. 

    So with less precipitation and higher temperatures the glaciers in the Rockies will disappear. 

     So the earth is not being looked after by a very irresponsible population. 

     Will this conference on climate change bring about any results.