Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Let's Standardize a Couple of Things

     I admit that get caught clicking on the wrong computer icons from time to time. I get in a hurry, have fumble fingers or just make a simple old error. So I'll confess to my own mistakes.
      What I find frustrating is that some clicks could be standardized to make things smoother. For example, the customize Google chrome icon on the top right hand corner should be somewhere else because I accidentally click close instead of customize. Then I say some very bad words to my computer. Another gripe I have is that when you sign in to a site and put in your pass word, sometimes the cursor moves automatically and sometimes you have to move it. On Face book you have to move the cursor to pass word. On blogger the cursor moves automatically to pass word. So when I sign into Face book and put my pass word in only to find the cursor wasn't there, I say some very loud bad words.

    There are probably many more of these situations that I trip over and I never notice them. What are some examples of arrangements that bug you?

    Now am I being overly picky? Should I just get over it and never mind? 

    Now I understand that each organization is trying to provide the best arrangement on the screen so that we will pick their site. It's called competition. They can compete all they want. Let them box with each other and they can compete that way. I just want a standardized screen to work with.