Monday, March 4, 2019


     The area I live in has very few earthquakes and they are all small.

     Well this morning when I checked Face book some of my friends were talking about an earthquake! In fact, my friend Cynthia, was quite shook up   about it. The earth quake occurred around 6:00 AM. Not many people were up at that time but many of them were well aware of what was going  on.  No damage was done but people get a little shook up when the ground moved and things rattled.

     The earthquake we had was 4.6 and was originally thought to be caused by fracking in the area. Later it was shown that it was caused by fracing.

     So I was still pleasantly asleep at six AM and heard and felt nothing. Many days I am awake around 6 AM but not today when something exciting was going on.