Thursday, October 20, 2022


      As you know, I recently had cataract surgery. This procedure has changed my eyesight for the better. I had to wear glasses for distance before. Now my old glasses for distance are a nuisance. I do not have to wear glasses for driving anymore. My near sight has also improved. I still need reading glasses but can see everything except the really small print.

     I have been to my optometrist and have a new prescription which I hope to get in a few days.

     As a result some of my routine has been interrupted. As I've aged routine is a great helper. Throw me off my routine and I'm in trouble. So I'm back to carrying glasses in a pocket to use when I need them for reading. They are a nuisance to wear all the time.

     Well, on Monday I went to the pharmacy to get my flu shot. I was carrying my glasses in my hand. The micro Manager insisted that I sanitize my hands. I put my glasses down to use the sanitizer. Now I have two places to put my glasses  in the car when I'm driving. When I got home , I looked for my glasses so that I could take them in the house. The glasses weren't in either place! I said to the Micro Manager , I left my glasses at the drug store. She looked at me and said I better go back. Actually, I don't think she looked at me. 

     I beat it back to the drug store. The glasses were not at the sanitizer station. I asked a clerk and they didn't think any glasses had been turned in. Just then I touched my face and what did I feel? My glasses. My glasses were on my head.

    What an embarrassment and I did it to myself.