Wednesday, February 9, 2022


       For some time I have had it in my head to do and oral post. Yes, I would sit there and talk to you instead of writing a post.

       So with my limited computer and blogger knowledge, I started to look around and see how it could be done. Spoiler alert: I didn't look on You Tube. 

      I found on windows 10 how to make a video. I also found how to move it to blogger. I am bragging! In my test I had 12 seconds of video. It took forever to load it on blogger. So thought if I talk for 5 minutes It will take the rest of the winter to load it to blogger. 

     So I have a got to learn about condensing files or some other process.

    That just wouldn't work.

    Now I know there must be a few ways to do this project so I'll have to keep working at it. 

    Who knows? Maybe someday I can make an oral post.