Monday, April 12, 2021


       As you know I'm on a project to scan my old slides. 

      So far it's going well. It's a learning process. Many of the slides were of poor quality but anything that was a decent slide is worth having. 

       So in doing the slides we often say, "I don't remember that!" Sometimes we just burst out laughing at what we see. 

       I will use two slides to bring an event together. I've written about the adoption of our son. 

      We had to go a hundred miles away . Somehow things got late and we were leaving the city about 5 in the winter evening darkness. The Micro Manger soon found out that Babe needed some food. What would we do?  Most things were closed by that time.

      We found a recreational dealer ship that was open and popped in to see if we could heat some milk. Yes, we were more than welcome and they were happy to hear our story

     By the time Babe was  fed we'd made a deal to by a travel trailer. So we always joke about getting a new son and travel trailer on the same day. 

      So to show you some slides here's the trailer and the young camper. 

I wrote in more detail about the adoption process in a previous post