Monday, July 12, 2010

It Could Only Happen to My Kid

        "It could only happen to my kid" was phrase that was quite common when my friends and I had pre school children. Little guys always seemed to be able to commit something that was totally unpredictable because of their lack of life experience. Everyone has some kind of incident like when a kindergarten class performed on stage, left, but one little performer remained on stage. The teacher had to go back onstage to take the little singer off.

       Well I have news for you. My daughter is almost 40 and she had one of those "it could only happen to my kid" experiences.

     She does human resource program development and presents training sessions as well. She was sent to New Jersey to do training in the company facility. She checked into her hotel at 9:00 PM Sunday evening. She was tired and in a hurry. She is also a problem solver. Just like Dad wanted her to be...independent. She went to her assigned room and found the card wouldn't unlock the door. So she took her luggage and went back down to the desk. They apologised and reprogrammed the card. She went back to the room and found that the card worked. However, the security chain inside the room seemed to be caught. She didn't want to make a second trip down to the desk so she thought someone must have slammed the door hard enough to make the chain snag on something. So she reached inside the door to dislodge the chain. A hand touched hers! She freaked. Someone was in the room. She mumbled sorry and a gentleman said "Don't worry.

     Down at the desk a second time with luggage, she found clerks making all kinds of silly excuses such as "a computer glitch." The room had been rented to someone else. The mess was cleared up.

      My neighbor, who has known my daughter all her life says, "Tell her to keep her hands to herself."

    This "could only happen to my kid."