Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mothers' Day

       Happy Mothers' Day to all Moms and in particular those Moms who follow my blog. On this day I hope you find appreciation, admiration and love from those you care so much about. I also hope a few treats and kind treatment are thrown in to your day. 

      I am fortunate to have had two Moms. I had my Mom for 34 years and one month. I had my step mom for 30 years and 5 months so it was close to 65 years. I can say that I was fortunate.

     My Mom was born in 1914 and died in 1973 at age 59. My Mom had a very hard life as she married a farmer and she was not from the farm. The farm was primitive so water came from rain barrels in the summer and blocks of snow which melted in a barrel beside the stove in the winter. Clothes washing was a difficult and long chore. The little house they had was cold. To complicate matters she had three children in two years and two months. There are many things my Mom did for us because she loved us . Mom usually read to us before we went to bed. The four of us would snuggle into the bed and be completely engrossed  in the story she read. When she was finished we went off to bed. My interest in birds comes from my Mom. Yes, she got angry once in a while and freaked out but then most people do. My Mom cared very much about us after we left the house. When she got daughter in laws she welcomed them to her family and was proud of them. Grand children were a bonus to her. 

    I got my step mom in 1975 and she died in 2005. We were adults when we met her and had an adult relationship with her. She did care for us and welcomed the grand children. She was very astute as when my Dad was nearing nursing care she talked to his four sons and had us on her side. Then she could say to my Dad, "The boys say..." It worked like a charm.

    So I feel fortunate that I had two Moms who first of all put up with me and also loved and cared about me.