Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Depression Survival

     Comments on my last post prompted me to add more information.

     My Dad was somewhat inconsistent and complex. He was generous to a fault. He worked hard and lived frugally when he had to. He enjoyed life although he had very little.

     When he bought things on auction sales they were for very little money for several reasons. He usually bought something that was old. He was quite happy to live with second hand items that had long since passed their prime. Since most people didn't have money to buy things the prices on auction sales were low.

     So Dad provided for his family by working hard and doing with second hand items.

      Mom and Dad were married in Feb. 1938 and the depression was still a big challenge.  They came back to the farm in April 1938. They had $60.00. That  had to do them until harvest time when they could sell some of their crop. Dad did get some work over the summer. Dad liked chocolate bars and candy. When they went to the village for groceries and mail they bought one chocolate bar and shared it on the way home. I can picture them riding home in their buggy with a shambling old horse pulling them while they enjoyed their chocolate bar. How do I know this? It was recorded in the account book!

    The war came and candy and chocolate bars were no longer available. As soon as some candy became available after the war Dad bought it. He brought a bag of marshmallows home to give his little kids a treat. We'd never seen candy and didn't know what it was. We played with the marshmallows and rolled them on the floor. He was disappointed that we didn't eat the marshmallows and spoiled them so he couldn't eat them.

    So depression life was a struggle but if you were willing to do with very little you could get by and be quite happy..