Thursday, September 8, 2016


      I've noticed on the blog and face book lots of the traditional start of the year photos. This got me thinking! It looks like the school photo was traditional far and wide. I've seen some European (Dutch) examples. There are many American examples. 

      I also wondered how far back this tradition goes. My Mom took our first school day photos when I started school in 1945. Mom had a camera, but many people at that time did not have cameras.

      I think the school photo gave a message to kids that school was important and that parents supported them. First day of school was an occasion to observe. 

      Now I'm not sure how many years Mom took our pictures. I can only find photos from about gr. four or five. I guess when I started high school it wasn't cool the have a picture taken.

       It seems like the tradition carries on. My grand children had first day of school photos. 

        Now I'm so proud of my photos that I just had to show them to you.

Right to left: Brother gr.2, sister gr 1, me gr 3 Somehow Rex  got to be a major part of the picture.

My brother and I . Brother starting gr. one and I in gr. 2. New lunch boxes. I'm the one with the spiffy bib overalls.

       I also have to show my own kids on school starting day.

The start of Middle School

     How about you?  Did you get your picture taken on the first day of school?