Tuesday, June 9, 2020


    Our government (Alberta Canada) is not the swiftest . It's quite right wing and some of them think Trump is a great guy. Nuff said. They're idiots.

    So they try to come up with great ideas to make themselves look good instead of helping people.

    Somehow the cheapies must have got their hands on a few million covid 19 masks . The idea was to give them to people to help with the pandemic. 

Alberta Minister of Health Tyler Shandro holds a package of four non-medical masks that will be available to Albertans to prevent the spread of COVID-19, in Calgary, Alta., Friday, May 29, 2020. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jeff McIntosh ORG XMIT: JMC105

   Now comes the loony stuff. They decided that you could get your free mask by getting MacDonald's , A & W and Tim Hortons to give them out through the drive ins. Sound good? 

    Well it doesn't take long to see that this plan is somewhat inadequate. What happens in a little rural town that doesn't have any of these outlets?  What happens to people who don't have cars.? 

    The idea was that each person was to get one package of masks that had four masks to a package. What's to stop people from asking for more? What's to stop people from going to ten different outlets? What happens to the poor beggar who doesn't get there in time? I wonder how the elderly will get to the drive ins? 

    So yesterday the plan began and  masks were handed out.. Some outlets gave out as many masks as you asked for. Some employees didn't like the extra work so handed out masks on a wholesale business.

   One funny incident. To make a point one guy took a paper box apart and put fake cardboard wheels on it . He colored this up nicely and then walked through a drive in with this gizmo . 

   Well, this has kept the old people wagging their tongues . It's just another goofy government project.