Wednesday, January 29, 2020


     There are times when I some how or other get taken down a rabbit hole on the Internet! Lately that rabbit hole has been You Tube.

     Now I like listening to music and with You Tube I can listen to what ever I want. So when surfing I sometimes find things that I have forgotten long ago. It's sometimes surprising when I find a group that I had long forgotten and then I find out that I have an LP , Tape or CD.

     Last night I bumped into two performers that I really liked.

     So first, Billy Vaughn. I had completely forgotten about Billy Vaughn. Listening to one tune brought back all Vaughn's music. The Billy Vaughn band had hit after hit. You can bet that I listened to a few if his tunes last night.

     The second performer I rediscovered was Mr. Acker Bilk who made much music popular with his clarinet . It's always interesting the long road that performers have to take to get to the top of the heap. Acker Bilk was English and became popular overseas as well. So I did have a tape of Mr Aker Bilk that I remember listening to many times.

     So take a listen to these long forgotten performers . Some of you will remember them from a long time ago. and some of you will discover some great music.