Wednesday, July 17, 2019


    July 20 will be a very important anniversary date. It's the day man first landed on the moon.

    So sometimes we remember and event because of another event. I remember where I was when I was told that John Kennedy was shot.

    Now I have only a mild interest in space. At the beginning of the space age I did pay attention as it was very new. It seemed to happen without announcement that Sputnik took it's first flight.

    I was paying more attention than usually with the first moon landing. I was trapped in a car.

    I was driving from Montreal Que. to Saskatoon Sask. On July 20 , 1969.  I was driving  through northern Ontario and listening to the car radio. Of course , I was listening to the moon landing. The closer they  got to the moon the more excited I became. It was a thrilling story with lots of tension and it was live. I turned the radio up louder. About the time they were ready to touch down radio reception went out. Damn!

    Being in a remote part of northern Ontario on the north side of Lake Superior, radio reception was poor because it is  far from any broadcasting station.

   I had to wait until I picked up the station again to find out if they landed safely.

   So my memory of the lunar landing is a non memory.

   I imagine most people were glued to their television set to watch the landing. 

   It seems like only yesterday that they landed on the moon.