Sunday, August 6, 2023


      You'd think that when you get to my age that you have seen everything and done everything. Not so! 

      So I had a first yesterday and for a little old boy from the boonies there will be more. I remember going to Chicago and getting a neck ache from looking up at the tall buildings. 

     However, yesterday was the first time I used live streaming. I know live streaming is common and there are things I could find interesting using live streaming but I'd never had occasion to explore.

     However, my sister in law passed away last week and her celebration of life was yesterday. Since there were many people who could not attend they live streamed the service. I did not attend so the streaming was good for me. 

     My sister in law was a salt of the earth kind of person. She was calm, cool and collected. If stuff had to be done it just got done and no whining about it. My sister in law was one of the last of  snail mail letter writers. Every Christmas we got a long hand written letter. We always looked forward to her letters. Many other friends and relatives got a long letter. 

    I was disappointed with the quality of camera and sound . The camera was set up focused on the stage and was not changed. You couldn't see any people Not even mourners. The sound was also poor. 

   Though limited , we had some participation of the celebration of life service.