Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Surprising Coincidence

      Yesterday I went to a memorial for a long time neighbor. My wife persuaded me to go to the lunch after the memorial.

      A couple from Winnipeg came to sit at our table. Now Winnipeg is 1600 km (1000 mi) from us. Polite conversation was made such as what was their relationship to the deceased. My wife mentioned that she took her nurse training in Winnipeg. The other lady said, " Yes, she took nurse training in Winnipeg." So it only took a second to find out that they were in the same nursing school at the same time. Her husband and I rolled our eyes and said at the same time, "This could be a long time!" 

     The two women tried to make more connections by seeing who they knew. They shared their work experience. Meg was mentioned and her ex husband Harry. Winnipeg guy's ears went up as he knew Harry and had worked with him. These two guys had hung around together and some of the time at the nurse's residence to pick up girls.The conversation widened quickly with the third character having some ownership. There were some great laughs as connections were made.

    Finally, Winnipeg guy pointed across the table and said to my wife, "I took you out!" I happened to be watching my wife and her jaw dropped. My wife asked him his name and yes she remembered. Now the laughter became uncontrolled. Yes, they had gone out a few times. She had also gone to his parent's house a few times and remembered his parents as very supportive people.

   So what a surprising coincidence!  You sit with two people and try and be sociable and welcoming and then make an amazing discovery.  Have you made some surprising discoveries?