Monday, January 24, 2022


        In a previous post I got my scanner set up. In a previous post I wrote about journaling. Today I'll put them together. 

      I kept a daily journal until 1982. I know , I know! Most of you weren't born by then. I have commented about my journal before and wished that I hadn't been so brief. I also wish that I had continued with it. However, there's no sense crying about that now. I'll enjoy what I've got. 

     I also commented before how it was cool that a few brief sentences could bring back a whole day , so I thought. Somebody posted a few days ago about our memory and how it works. apparently we fill in the blanks quite liberally. So many of the things I think I can remember probably didn't happen that way.

     I like scanning because you get a fairly decent image , except if you are scanning from an old exercise book. So enlarge this so you can red it. I still have a thing or two to learn about sizes. 

     So I took one page of my journal at random. This is Dec. 16 to Dec 20 1980. I can't believe how much as a family we did in a day. We were busy. I look at this now and cannot think of how we did so much. Now I know this was about fifty years ago. Things were different back then . So was I!

    I recorded weather most days and quite often mentioned birds that were feeding in my yard.  

     On Dec. 18 I went to a meeting after school and was back to the school before 7:00 PM to supervise a student dance. the dance would have been over by 10:00 Pm and then I would finally get home  after getting to school about 7:00 AM

     My kids delivered papers twice a week . they were both involved in activity that required parental attendance My son played hockey . At that time my daughter was still in girl guides. 

     At that time my kids were old enough to go to the movie matinee by themselves . So I would have to take them to the movie and pick them up.